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Web development

Making a good website is no longer just about graphics and programming. Of course, it's good if you understand your craft. But the main thing is the feeling for the customer's needs and the subsequent ability to fulfill them.

AVB Group's websites are not about some favourite technology, template, approach to design. We always start with who our client is.

What he needs, what his options are. Where is he today and what is he going to do in a year or two. We also understand that the web is not the only piece on the road to success. So we don't promise the impossible and we think in context.


If you make a mistake at the beginning, it can be virtually impossible to correct it later. And we don't like to make mistakes. That's why we ask a lot of questions, that's why we're interested in details that you might not have thought of. That's why we count on plenty of time and care when creating AI, describing functional models, or prototyping. And we take the same approach to the design itself. It's not enough that we like something. We want to trust that everything will work the way it's supposed to.


For us, web development is not just responsive design and subsequent coding and programming on a suitably selected technology. It is a comprehensive approach leading to ensuring sufficient performance, security or taking into account SEO technical parameters. From the beginning, we will also work with you on content development, linking with external data sources and other elements to ensure overall functionality.


Can you imagine 600 thousand visitors coming to your website within half an hour? In a situation where there are usually only a few thousand visitors in a whole day? We have successfully handled such a situation. When operating websites, we benefit from our long-term experience with the operation of IT infrastructure, we know what to look out for, what parameters to monitor and how to prevent unpleasant surprises.

Service and Development

A sensitive and empathetic approach to ongoing service and development can extend the life cycle of a website up to twice and save considerable resources. We routinely provide web hosting, domain management, regular security, functional and legislative updates.
Continuous development according to the client's needs is a matter of course. A website from us is never dead.

Why create websites with AVB Group?

The people at AVB Group's approach combines several important disciplines to ensure that you get exactly what you expect from your website. We are empathetic and curious at the outset, but also pragmatic and experienced. We don't invent frills where they don't make sense.
During development, we are no strangers to words like security, data throughput or optimization. We capitalize on our experience working on different platforms. We playfully manage to prepare websites for various forms of traffic.
Throughout the entire lifecycle of the website, we think business-like and for the benefit of our clients. We are interested in their needs and actively offer development opportunities. We think about maintenance and never forget to back up.