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Virtualization in IT enables optimal use of available system resources, ensuring high availability of data and information systems in a simple way. It helps to make configuration changes without affecting the availability of information systems.

Virtualization is not just a buzzword. Today, it is one of the most effective ways to reduce costs and increase the efficiency and agility of your IT environment.

Our specialists will design and build a solution for you with a balance of business and technological benefits. Find out what benefits virtualization can bring to you!

Reduction of operating costs

Companies spend a significant portion of their IT budget on hardware every year. Virtualization reduces the number of servers needed, often utilizing only 5-15% of their actual capacity.
A secondary aspect is the significant energy savings and thus the environmental benefits of virtualization. In practice, we achieve up to 80% energy savings.

Secure applications

One proven way to improve security is to increase the isolation of individual applications and key software components. This prevents the potential spread of malware.
With traditional physical servers, this meant that each application ran on its own server. In a virtualized environment, applications will still be isolated, but with much more efficient use of HW resources.

High availability and overall uptime

Virtual machines can be recovered much faster than physical devices. Snapshots can be distributed to multiple points and can be recalled faster than on a regular server.
Virtualization and easy redundancy allows for greater fault tolerance and the ability for the system to continue to function properly in the event of a software failure.

More efficient IT management

Fewer physical servers means less time spent maintaining and managing hardware. Virtualization also allows you to be more efficient and agile, reducing IT systems maintenance and management time by approximately 20 percent. Technicians can install and maintain software, distribute updates, and stay on top of your network security in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Why virtualize with AVB Group?

AVB Group has experience with projects based on virtualization solutions from two of the most important players in the market - Microsoft and VMware. Thus, it can be a partner in selecting the appropriate solution in any organization.
Our main benefit is our comprehensive approach and solution experience across the entire virtualization lifecycle. Thanks to our project-based approach, we are able to alert our clients to non-investment costs, for example, or ensure the ongoing operation of the implemented solution.
Our solutions use the latest technologies in virtualization such as Azure Stack, vSAN, vxRail and the increasingly popular desktop virtualization.