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Intelligent IT solutions for warehouses and retail

An IT solution holding back your warehouse or retail plans? Lots of overpriced, outdated equipment? We'll show you a way that's completely different. We've carefully looked for a way to bring the price down, cover all needs and implement a modern, comprehensive solution. After more than a year of intensive testing and managing more than 6,000 devices in three countries, we know we have the right solution for you!

Nechte nás zanalyzovat své stávající i budoucí potřeby, sdílejte s námi informace o aktuálních nákladech na provoz a servis logistických terminálů, wearable zařízení či mobilních tiskáren pro sklady a obchod.

Let us show you how much you can save with our solutions built on the UROVO platform.

Mobile and payment terminals

What do you expect from your mobile terminal? Is it all-day battery life, a keyboard, a touchscreen, a highly secure operating system, state-of-the-art scanning devices and wireless technology, or protection against drops, dust and running water?
And what accessories would you choose? Which hand grip option is close to your heart? Do you want to charge individual devices or all of them for the whole shift at once?
We dare to say that we have a solution for all kinds of situations. What unites them is always a good price, including operating costs.

When you need your hands free

Do you need to work while keeping your hands free? We have a special solution for you combining a durable device with a wrist strap and a hands-free design. The device paired with a ring that allows you to comfortably scan 1D and 2D codes while always keeping your hands free.
All in a durable design, with a superior battery and any communication options via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or 4G network.
Operation is possible with wet hands or gloves. For easier operation, the device is equipped with programmable HW buttons.


Not enough for your regular mobile device? Do you need more space, more information? Yet a regular tablet is not an option for you? What would you say to one that meets the IP67 standard, can withstand a 1.2 metre drop and always charges as fast as you need it?
The tablet comes with a keyboard, an optical fingerprint reader or a special electromagnetic display.
Tablet with a highly sensitive RTK module for 1cm position accuracy even in environments where there is no GPS signal.
All in an 8 or 10-inch design depending on exactly how much space you need for your data and apps.

Mobile printers

Do you need to solve label printing in the field? That's no problem. Choose your ribbon width (46-110mm), operating system (Windows, Android, iOS), connection type (Bluetooth or USB-C) and let's get printing.
That your printer fell on the floor? No matter, it will last and you can continue printing all day without recharging the battery.
You can print multilingual text, numbers, charts or barcodes at speeds of up to 70 mm/s. Of course, you can also print on various sticker formats.
All this with a weight of only 354g (K319) and 500g (K419) respectively.

Why optimize IT solutions in warehouses and retail with AVB Group?

We dare to say that nobody in the Czech Republic has such rich real experience as we have with the UROVO solution. We are able to deliver an unprecedentedly advantageous solution in terms of price/performance ratio. A solution that we operate and service in thousands of installations, in several countries, in large warehouses and small shops. In a ruthless environment of employees who examine mechanical robustness and ergonomics down to the smallest detail.