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Mobile applications

Did you know that there are currently over 200 trillion apps in the world? And that mobile phone users spend over 87% of their time using apps? These are not the only good reasons why you should approach your mobile app development with care and consideration. It's also still true that the process of placing apps in key stores has its own rules and can be a tough nut to crack for the uninitiated.

Mobile apps are no longer the simple calculators or other single-purpose apps that they were in their early days.

Augmented reality, connectivity with IoT devices, advanced payment methods, the use of chatbots or advanced gesture control makes mobile app development a completely separate discipline, where knowing the right programming language is definitely not enough.

Application design

As with desktop apps, the mobile app design phase is a crucial stage. If you make a mistake at the beginning, it can be virtually impossible to fix it later. Based on client needs and initial analysis, we always look for the optimal solution. Whether in terms of user experience design, functionalities, or the division between the frontend and backend part. It is also important to decide whether it will be a web, hybrid or native application.

Mobile application development

We can help you whether you want to create an app for iOS, Android, or both platforms at once. We usually develop Android apps in Java or Kotlin. We create iOS versions using Swift and Objective-C. If you use both platforms, we usually use React Native or Xamarin technologies. We create web apps (or parts of hybrid apps) most often on the HTML5 platform.

Distribution and promotion

You can certainly offer your app on your own website, but a more secure way to reach customers is through Google Play and the App Store. In both cases, we'll provide you with the right account and the necessary developer tools.
During the creation of the app and its subsequent promotion, we pay attention to carefully tuned ASO (App Store Optimization).

iOS vs. Android

Modern development tools allow us to create applications for both platforms quite smoothly. It is therefore common to develop simultaneously for both platforms, and we and you can then focus on a quality user interface and accessibility to as many users as possible. If you are interested, we can also place your Android app in the App Gallery, which is the native app store for new Huawei phones.

Why mobile apps with AVB Group?

We understand the entire mobile app lifecycle. We can successfully go through the design phase with you, program the app for one or both key mobile platforms, take care of the operation, but we can also ensure the conception and implementation of the promotion of the app from the right information in the app stores to the overall reaching of the right target group.
Experience in other areas has taught us to test routinely and well, which is an absolutely essential skill, especially in the fragmented world of Android phones.
Years of experience from heterogeneous environments of our clients help us to efficiently create backend parts of applications, including complex connections to different data sources.