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HCI – Hyperconverged infrastructure

Hyperconverged infrastructure is a critical step towards data centre flexibility and supporting business with rapidly available and scalable services. HCI principles are suitable for sizes from two servers upwards. It is therefore not just a solution for large companies.

The essence of HCI is massive virtualization and automation of data center operations and management.

An environment that is completely software-defined from the perspective of service users means that we don't have to deal with a clear separation of server, storage and network device functions. Performance and capacity can be easily scaled by adding additional elements. The deployment brings cost savings in infrastructure management.

The performance you need

Hyperconverged infrastructure reduces the complexity and complexity of IT infrastructure. From the complex structures of servers, SAN elements and data storage, we create a set of hyperconverged servers that include the functions of all these devices.
Solutions built on, among other things, Software Defined Storage (SDS) make it much easier to scale performance without paying for something you don't really need.

For growing companies

The application of the hyperconverged infrastructure concept is possible across industries and company sizes. HCI is ideally suited to environments where there are frequent changes in application usage and dynamic changes in IT infrastructure resource requirements. This keeps your IT under control and at an optimal size while supporting the automation of your processes.
Hyperconverged infrastructure supports the requirements of companies planning to build and deploy a hybrid cloud model.

Changing the approach to IT

Are you ready to start looking at hardware components as a commodity? To lower the price of the technology itself? Try a proof of concept approach with us, where you test HCI directly in your environment and on your data. Together, we will verify not only the appropriate configuration on a sample of data and services, but also how to move or migrate systems.

Rychlá a efektivní implementace

One of the reasons for switching is the speed of deploying a complex solution and the possibility of automation. With a suitably selected HW and SW platform, implementation is possible in a matter of days, as opposed to months for similarly large projects handled using a traditional approach. Many of the steps that you used to have to do manually are now a pre-configured part of the solution provided.
With HCI you will be faster and more successful in the market than your competitors!

Why build hyperconverged infrastructure with AVB Group?

We are not afraid to say that in the Czech Republic we are among the leaders in building solutions based on HCI. It is a principle that is closely linked to the innovative approach of our technical specialists. We have enough practical experience already now, when many other companies are just talking about HCI.
Intensive and carefully built partnerships with key suppliers only make access to the latest information more efficient. This also gives you a noticeable edge over your competitors.