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Communication strategy in IT

What's the point of having good products and services if the right people don't know about them? Increasingly, we are realising that a well-chosen form of communication often requires purely technical solutions. After all, the situation where you are selling your product to the market and the situation where you are selling a change to your internal IT solution to your employees may not be that different.

Marketing and communications often feel like an environment where a different language is spoken. Creatives chase crazy ideas that they call novel and people not only in IT say that 50% of the resources spent are wasted. And nobody knows which 50% it is...

Imagine it could be otherwise. That there are people who can bridge the language of business, IT and marketing. That there is an approach where almost everything can be measured and consistent feedback minimizes inefficiently spent resources. And our communications services are just that.


Give yourself enough time to get to know the client, understand the brief and think analytically about the solution options. What is the situation we are in? What is our purpose/need? How should communication help in this? What are our options in it?
Right off the bat, we look at who our target audience is, what arguments and forms of communication they hear, and what we can do about it.


While in the previous step we identified the needs and possibilities of your clients, in this step we will focus on finding the communication solution itself. We map the behaviour of the target group (using markting personas). We will come up with an original creative concept. We will focus on the use of the different forms and tools of communication, propose optimal timing and budget.


What good is an idea if there is no ability to implement it. It's only what the eyes see, the ears hear and together that generates the right emotions that leads to reaching and convincing your customers.
Over the years we have a clear idea of what can be produced, we have our proven suppliers. We are not afraid to implement innovative solutions, whether in an online environment or through production graphics.

Measurement, evaluation and feedback

For marketing and communications not to be a money pit, we need to be able to measure them. We use a full suite of tools, from the most common to the specialty. We take a qualitative and quantitative approach to validate results and follow up with clear feedback that influences the next stages of our communications.
We also work on long-term campaigns where we have been improving results for several years without having to increase the budget.

Why create a communication strategy with AVB Group?

When creating communication strategies, we combine a pragmatic approach, attention to detail and years of IT experience with a passion for objectivity, feedback and measurability. This results in concepts and implementations that reach the right target group, work and are not overly creative for no reason.
A lean, efficient approach is close to our hearts, as well as thoughtful details so that nothing important is missed.
For our clients, we are able to cover the entire life cycle from the identification of the target group through the design and implementation of the technical solution (application, web, infrastructure) to the subsequent operation and service on the technical level, as well as the correct addressing of the target group on the communication level.