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Digital transformation on the Microsoft platform

The world is changing and there are entirely new needs for connecting people, data and processes. We are here to help you make the most of this transformation phase using modern technology.

We will be your guides to digital transformation and help you create lasting added value for your clients and competitive advantage in the world of modern information technology.

Find out how our services combined with Microsoft services and products can benefit you!

Banking and financial services

What do you know about your clients and how convenient is it to work with their data today? We'll give you a whole new innovative perspective on building loyalty with your existing customers or acquiring new ones. Using modern software solutions, we will create a comprehensive digital work environment that allows you to communicate effectively anytime, anywhere.

Industry and manufacturing

Are you going to Industry 4.0? Do you already know what data you will collect and process, where and how you will integrate it, and how you can reduce unproductive time, downtime and operational costs with modern IT? We can help you build solutions that can predict maintenance needs using advanced analytics techniques. We will expand the capabilities of your field staff and ensure that IT resources are optimized while maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs.

Retail and consumer goods

Planning, productivity, optimization and a personalized omnichannel approach to your customers. These are the key themes that separate the successful in retail from the rest. We will provide or take over the core base of traditional applications from infrastructure ones to common enterprise ones (CRM, ERP, DMS,...). On top of this base we will build a solution tailored to your needs. Our solutions include advanced BI, team collaboration or automated data processing methods including machine learning and AI.

State administration

It doesn't matter whether you want to reduce IT costs, improve citizen services or streamline internal agendas. In all cases, we can design and implement modern solutions. On top of the existing infrastructure and common core applications, we will create user-friendly mobile or desktop interfaces, new views of data, and move you further along in the process of digitizing government.

Why transform digitally with AVB Group?

Our specialists can sensitively connect your current IT environment, current and future business requirements and design a solution that builds on both traditional software products and modern innovations and toolsets such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsot Power BI or the entire suite of tools bundled under Microsoft Office 365.