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Microsoft 365

Are you a small or medium-sized business looking for a way to collaborate effectively within your team? We'll show you that there are far better methods for sharing information and getting more people to work together than sending emails. We will prepare for you a user-friendly solution that will not make IT a limiting element of your company.

What you used to need your own server, storage and at least one IT specialist to do, you can now do efficiently and conveniently in a hosted environment for a fraction of the time and cost. Advanced services are now easily accessible to even the smallest companies.

Implementation can be done in as little as one or two working days. Don't be afraid to set up the software tools in your company so that IT really serves to support your business and meet your requirements.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a set of cloud services provided by Microsoft on a subscription basis. Microsoft 365 is the ultimate in efficiency, productivity and mobility. We'll help you choose the optimal subscription version, ensure efficient installation and configuration on a variety of platforms, and you'll never have to hear "I can't open this document" again. This will significantly reduce your hardware, software and associated administration costs.

Microsoft Windows worry-free

Everyone knows and uses Windows 10 today. What if you had the same tools that large companies have and could manage your internal environment with Windows 10 without the special knowledge required to manage internal on-premise solutions? Windows 10 within Microsoft 365 programs have features that can turn a well-established, complicated process that requires internal IT into a simple, automated process.

Exchange online

Microsoft Exchange online is a full-featured hosted solution for accessing your email, contacts and calendar. Right from the start, you get advanced security features (including malware and spam filtering), high availability (99.9% guaranteed with a financial guarantee) and protection of your data. Managing your users and all system maintenance now takes a fraction of the time of traditional server applications.


How do you share your files, data, news or resources? How long does it take you to find the right file in the latest version? And how can you easily tell who has already made the changes you want? With Microsoft Sharepoint, you'll get everyone involved in what's going on in your company, get a tool to share information efficiently, share knowledge or simply transform your business processes.


Microsoft Teams is the hub for team collaboration within Microsoft 365. It's a platform that enables text communication, video calls, file storage and integration of other applications into this environment.
Empower your people to use Microsoft Teams, chat, meet, call, collaborate and get the most out of new styles of collaboration.

Why implement Microsoft 365 with AVB Group?

We take a systematic yet very effective approach to Microsoft implementation. At the beginning, we conduct an initial consultation or analysis on how to deploy a Microsoft 365 environment based on your current and expected requirements. We will prepare an implementation plan, data migration and possible training of your users. We will resolve all questions regarding the acquisition of the optimal number of appropriate licenses for you. We can take care of the implemented solution and adapt it to the further development of your company.