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Monitoring centres and servicedesk

Servicedesk is crucial for reliable IT operation in any company. We ensure the smooth functioning of the servicedesk as well as first and second level support. With well-implemented monitoring, we can identify and resolve outages of part or even the entire infrastructure.

The first step towards solving a problem is to know about it. The very next step is to know how to manage the solution.

In both cases, a properly implemented AVB Group's monitoring center and service desk solution will help you. We will set up the processes, train your team to use the tools effectively and provide first level support, and provide support at other levels as agreed.

Design and implementation process

The first step in implementing a servicedesk and monitoring solution is always an analysis of the client's needs and adequate mapping of the existing solution. This avoids many surprises in the next steps and the implementation is usually shorter and cheaper. An operational solution that makes maximum use of existing components is then easier to run on a day-to-day basis by the client's existing team.

Operation in a heterogeneous environment

Almost every major infrastructure or more complex software vendor provides some tools for monitoring and oversight of their solutions. AVB Group's specialists have the experience to link and integrate existing tools and systems to provide a consolidated output in a single environment.

Servicedesk software

It doesn't matter whether you prefer ServiceNow, Zendesk or Jira. We routinely implement servicedesk and oversee proven solutions from all major providers. This gives you the ability to continue to operate in an environment that is familiar to you without having to learn something new. If you don't have an existing tool, we will recommend the most suitable one based on your current and known future needs.

Clear and personalised reporting

Properly set up reporting serves not only to evaluate the functioning of the services, but can also point out the weak points of the entire system well in advance and thus provide incentives for conceptual solutions before it is too late.
We prepare individualized reports so that everyone receives only relevant information and is not overloaded.

Why build a servicedesk and monitoring center with AVB Group?

We are not ordinary implementers of quality software tools. We always look at servicedesk and monitoring solutions first from the perspective of the needs, processes and realistic capabilities of the client and suppliers. We rarely build from scratch, so responsive integration of existing solution elements is our daily bread.
We regularly provide our clients with increased availability, optimized costs and, most importantly, the clear, desired level of control over their IT environment.