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People at AVB Group

The success of our work depends on the team of people behind it. We are proud of our ability to combine experienced IT market matadors with young, predatory specialists. The result is experience, energy and a constant internal need to find the best solutions.

Company management

Ondřej Měchura

Managing Director
I have been through everything in IT in my life - from network administrator, ICT teacher, to the head of an IT company. Those who know me know that I have always done and do everything with joy and to the fullest. I just love this industry. I also love the people who are in this industry. That's why I strive to make AVB Group the best possible partner, supplier, employer and customer. To achieve this, I surround myself with like-minded people and values such as hard work, friendliness, creativity and loyalty. Only then can everyone be happy.

Miroslav Teichman

Operation Director
I've been in IT forever. I've done just about everything there is to do on the contractor side. Programmer, admin, production, sales, consultant, ISO standards, marketing. And I'm sure I'm forgetting something else. In recent years, I've been primarily responsible for managing people. Which, in my mind, means picking good people for the team and creating a background for them so that we are all happy and it's enjoyable for my colleagues and me ?
Well, that's what I intend to continue to do.

Michal Doležal

Head of Solution Architecture
I got into computers at the beginning of high school. That time taught me that what you can't find and learn on your own, you don't have. And that's still true for me today. At the beginning of my career I gained experience at Česká spořitelna, first as an administrative worker and then as an IT administrator.
For a long time now, I have spent all my working time at AVB Group, a company I actually helped build. To this day, working in this company allows me to constantly work with the latest technologies that the dynamic IT world provides.

Petr Hořák

Head of Support Services
IT has been with me since my shy beginnings with a ZX Spectrum machine. Through programming, DB, server and ERP systems management I moved into the field of project / program / problem management and team management in corporate structures. From self-study, through general and professional courses, I gradually worked my way to ITIL and project methodologies that give meaning and order to the IT world. I still feel young and close behind the ever-evolving information technology, yet already enriched by many years of experience on the customer and supplier side. I consider AVB Group an ideal environment to use my knowledge and further my personal development.

Jan Jakubáč

Head of Application Development
As a so-called "digital native", I have had the opportunity to move around in the IT world since I was very young and thus come into contact with various technologies of modern times. While studying programming in high school, I deepened my knowledge, but most importantly my passion and enthusiasm, which has lasted until today. In the modern world of IT, what I appreciate most is the opportunity to continually push my own and technological boundaries to come up with solutions that are innovative, but also functional and reliable for our customers. Thanks to our technical team, of which I am a part, I believe we can overcome any challenge we face.

Jan Hanuš

Head of Business Development
& Communication Strategy
Find new ways. Connect. People, technology, information, approaches. Result-oriented. Add value. That's what I enjoy and makes sense. My working life is driven by the world of IT, a close relationship with data and facts, and a passion for communication.
In fact, I like anything that can be invented, implemented, measured, improved, learned from and directed towards the next step. Over the years, this has included dozens of solutions supporting clients' businesses in technology, process or communications.
I love "live" companies, positive energy and an open approach. All of this belongs to AVB Group to a degree unseen elsewhere.

Aleš Kratochvíl

Key Account Manager
After school, I started my career in public administration. After more than 10 years, I longed for a commercial environment, where I am still working. I worked for Compaq / HP for 18 years. IT for me started with programming, DB administration and then project management. After an internship and training at Cisco, I got into networking technologies and issues around data transfer. In a corporate environment, I worked with key accounts and was also involved in project management of many large projects we delivered to customers. I strive to keep abreast of the latest technologies so that we can successfully offer them as innovative solutions to customers. I consider AVB Group an ideal environment to use my knowledge and further my personal development.