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Problems with supply chains, shrinking margins, rising operating costs and increasingly demanding customers. You may be experiencing this right now.
A desperate situation? We see it differently. It's a great time for smart and innovative solutions.
For new ways, new ways of looking at and approaching the customer.

Smart IT solutions for retail

Whether you want to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your technology solutions, gain new functionality, improve the customer experience or work more efficiently with the data you already have. We'd love to be your guide through the 21st century retaile. We will find ways with you to apply new practices.
Find approaches to make more money.

Web and mobile application development

AVB Group's websites and mobile apps are not about a favourite technology, template or approach to design. We always start with who our client is. What they need, what their options are. Where it is today and what it's going to be in a year or two. We also understand well that apps are not the only piece on the road to success. So we don't promise the impossible and we think in context.
Throughout the entire lifecycle, we think business and for the benefit of our clients. We take an interest in their needs and actively offer development opportunities.

Comprehensive IT services

Where do the services of your regular IT suppliers begin and end? Do they want a good assignment and deliver a solution that they then technically manage? We start earlier. And we'll see it through. We already start when we jointly search for the optimal approach, technical solution and related processes and integration aspects. We continue with delivery, integration, custom development of the necessary web and mobile applications, operations, service, L2 and L3 support. And at the end of our work is the relentless need to understand the real needs of our clients, to look for ways to optimize and develop further.

Warehouse and retail solutions

What do you expect from your mobile terminal? Is it all-day battery life, a keyboard, a touchscreen, a highly secure operating system, state-of-the-art scanning equipment, wireless technology, or protection against drops, dust and running water?
And what accessories would you choose? Which hand grip option is close to your heart? Do you want to charge individual devices or all of them for the whole shift at once?
We dare to say that we have a solution for all situations. What unites them is always a good price and favourable long-term operating costs.
Intelligent IT solutions for warehouses and retail

Omnichannel 360° approach

Customers want freedom of choice. Buying in a brick-and-mortar store, e-shop, order-and-collect services, mobile offers and loyalty programme and much more.
And that's exactly what our solutions are. Making maximum services accessible from anywhere, anyhow with a good user experience and the necessary level of security.
We create omnichannel solutions that support not only sales, but also customer satisfaction, loyalty, brand perception and thus strengthen the position in the market.

Communication strategies for better business results

What's the point of having good products and services if the right people don't know about them? Not only in retail, appropriate communication with customers is at least as important as the technical platform behind it.
Imagine that there are people who will connect the language of business, IT and marketing. That there is an approach where almost everything can be measured and consistent feedback minimizes inefficiently spent resources. We can bring together data analytics, technical IT solutions and communication tools so that you can maximize the effect that each customer can bring.
Communication strategy in IT

Data, data and more data

What do you need to know about your customers that you don't already know? What data do you have but it's not easy to mine effectively? How much could your sales increase if you were able to personalize and segment your promotional offers well?
We can put your data in order, access the right insights, reach specific customers and help you make smart money. Working with data is our passion, whether it's optimizing your database structure, data transfers, or interpreting and extracting value from your data.

Why create retail solutions with AVB Group?

Several countries, dozens of software solutions, thousands of devices, tens of thousands of products, millions of users - all managed by our retail team. When we are looking for a solution for you, we don't build on greenfield sites and look for parameters in datasheets. We know what and how, we can look a few steps further and prevent you from having to explore dead ends.