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Interactive face-to-face, hybrid or online learning. Secure school ICT infrastructure (BEZIT). Efficient management of the entire environment. Implementation of RVP and funding through IROP. These are just some of the challenges facing IT in schools.

IT solutions for education

Connect your needs with a team of professionals managing the IT environments of dozens of schools. Take advantage of our knowledge and tailor-made, effective tools and solutions for schools. We are happy to be your guide to your requirements and needs in the world of information technology.

Delivery of HW and SW

Do you need a computer, monitor, printer, software licenses, or some specific end devices? Are you worried about how you're going to get everything done at a time when deliveries are getting longer, goods are often unavailable and prices are rising? Ask us and we believe you will be pleasantly surprised.
And don't be afraid to talk to us at the very beginning. We'll find optimal solutions for you that are fully compatible with what you already use within your infrastructure. We can guarantee a smooth integration, delivery within the agreed deadlines and a fast commissioning according to all your school's requirements and practices.

Information systems management

Active Directory, Exchange online, databases and less common and proprietary information systems. Solutions on premise and those operated in the cloud. Backup or centralized security. Making the most of what's available under your Microsoft licenses. These are all common areas for our education client management team. And if a non-standard situation arises? We can always share knowledge and capacity with colleagues who manage even multiply complex environments and can help in the most difficult situations.

Endpoint management

Does it make you break out in a cold sweat just thinking about keeping dozens of computers up-to-date with all applications and guaranteed security? How to get a new computer lab up and running quickly? How to make new applications available and change permissions for hundreds of pupils or students?
You'll be surprised at how efficiently we handle endpoint management. Where an on-site technician was needed, we install remotely. What took hours, we can do in tens of minutes. We have many proprietary tools, fine-tuned processes and an experienced team that knows exactly what to do and how to do it. We work quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, reliably with the minimum of interaction required from the school.

Funding from grant titles

IT in schools, the possibilities of financing it and the requirements defined by the framework educational programmes are a closely interconnected triangle in which it is necessary to be able to look for investment solutions.
Over the years, we know how it works. We know the options, we know how to prepare the right arguments and find solutions. We know what the Ministry of Education is planning, we understand what the RVP is, we know some of the Education Policy Strategy and, of course, we know what you as a school have to fulfil today. You will be surprised how easy some of the steps can be, and how much work can be done by a contractor who is on your side.

Why education and AVB Group?

There are not many IT companies on the market that have the same relationship and experience as we do in the education sector. We have been in schools for decades, we know their needs intimately, and we have many of our own effective solutions that allow us to keep our prices at a level that is definitely not common in the market.
And most importantly... We still enjoy it and we really like working for schools.