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Commercial companies

There are still companies where IT is a mere cost and a limiting element of operations. Maybe you also know situations where you hear "we will have to" from one side and the question "how much will it cost again?" runs through your head for the umpteenth time.

IT solutions for business

We are here to change the way you look at IT. We're here to hear "could we" and your question somewhere along the line was "what's in it for us?". "It will bring increased profits, new and loyal customers, employee satisfaction".
Enter with us into a world where IT is a service that helps or creates opportunities, profits and ultimately good facilities for its users.

Operation of physical and virtualized infrastructure

A stable, optimised, continuously maintained and properly secured IT infrastructure consisting of appropriate elements is a prerequisite for the smooth operation of important information systems. The solutions we offer provide a balanced ratio of added value and costs while consistently respecting the business requirements of our clients.
We offer solutions ranging from server infrastructure, data networks and data centers through heterogeneous virtualized environments to the operation of infrastructure in IaaS and PaaS modes.

Effective use of the Microsoft 365 platform

Do you know what all is included in the Microsoft 365 licenses your company buys? Are you sure you're really paying for what you need? Are you able to take full advantage of the security or cloud options? What would it be like if you could use simple PowerApps and PowerBI-based applications? Applications that can be created in a few hours, are as easy to use as regular MS Office, and bring tailored and efficient functionality to your company? The world of Microsoft is much broader than Word and Excel. Let us help you make the most of it.
Microsoft 365

Endpoint management

Managing multiple endpoint devices across platforms can be a pain for any internal IT team. When we were looking for a reliable solution to manage more than 10,000 devices across three countries, we considered a lot of options. We tried both proprietary and open source solutions in lab and pilot environments. We carefully studied the requirements of many clients and looked for optimal pricing models. Today we dare to say that we know very good ways. Ways that save on staff and licensing costs. Ways that save time and wrinkles for managers. Paths that don't depend on whether you're an "Apple" or a "Microsoft" at heart, or prefer any of the other common platforms.

Web and mobile application development

AVB Group's websites and mobile apps are not about a favourite technology, template or approach to design. We always start with who our client is. What they need, what their options are. Where it is today and what it's going to be in a year or two. We also understand well that applications are not the only piece on the road to success. So we don't promise the impossible and we think in context.
Throughout the entire lifecycle, we think business and for the benefit of our clients. We take an interest in their needs and actively offer development opportunities.

Why let AVB Group take care of your IT?

We build on deep IT competence, usually independent of one platform or vendor, and have an experienced and highly certified team. But what sets us apart is our approach. An approach where we see the business needs of our clients and view IT as a tool to deliver them. We know what it's like to save or earn more with good IT.